The Wicker Dogs Series

After more than two centuries, Lady Melissa Dewer’s current body is wearing out.

Luring Patrick, the last of the Dewer bloodline, and his long-term girlfriend Polly to her remote Dartmoor town proves easy. Tricking them out of a child neither of them want to have will not.

On moving to their new home, Patrick finds a dismembered foot in a stone circle and soon discovers that, in Dourstone Nymet, there is always a mysterious disappearance during their ancient Winter festival.

Once Polly falls unexpectedly pregnant, Lady Melissa takes her under her wing and, amid rumours of Patrick’s infidelity, persuades her not to get rid of the baby. 

It looks like Lady Melissa will get her wish and, unless Polly wakes up to the manipulations of this remote town and its odd traditions, it could be Patrick that disappears, along with her unborn child.

If only Lady Melissa Dewer could stay dead.

It’s Christmas time in Dourstone Nymet, a year since Polly nearly lost her daughter to the eldritch forces that govern the mysterious Dartmoor town.

Since then she has found herself having to lead the community’s traditional rituals.

But Dourstone does not like change, and Polly’s meddling leads to the return of an ancient evil, isolating the town from the outside world.

Once again Polly finds herself cut off from the only person she can trust. Her daughter.

To get her back she will have to work with the very people she once fought, to solve a series of clues leading to the only thing that can break the siege: the Bellever Hagstone.

The problem is, there’s only one person who can solve them.

Luckily, Lady Melissa Dewer doesn’t know how to stay dead.

It seems like everyone’s moving to Devon these days.

They’ve all got their reasons.

Cole has come looking for a friend.

A friend last seen in the small Dartmoor town of Dourstone Nymet.

But nobody there has seen her, whether they’re in her instagram feed or not.

When her baby brother is stolen away to the Undermoor by the mysterious Jack Sharpnails, she turns to Nathaniel Harker for help.

He takes her under his wing, giving her the kind of attention she has always craved.

He may not be the friend she was looking for, but she’s glad he’s the one she’s found.